Monday, May 23, 2005

Sorry for the lack of material lately but the past few weeks have been hectic and draining.

Ares started his training last week which will continue until he is 18. He seems to be enjoying himself and he is taking control of his skills very well. So far we have determined that he can levitate himself and anything else that he wishes and he has x-ray vision. I have told him he must never use this to compromise a womans dignity, but boys will be boys, so I doubt he has listened to a word I have said.

When we arrived at headquarters last week my boss, Starkweather, gave me a grilling. I half expected it, but I left feeling totally miserable. He asked Ares to wait outside, so I knew what was coming. He looked down his nose at me and said "Didn't I tell you this would happen. You fall head over heals in love with a mortal and look where it gets you". Before I had a chance to defend myself he said, "So now I guess you will have to tell John the truth. You simply cannot keep this from him any longer". I kept calm and replied with "But how can I tell him. What if he cannot handle the truth?". There was a long silence. Starkweather sighed and began to pace his office. I waited with bated breath for some kind of advice, but all I got was, "Well, we could always wipe the boys memory and remove his powers. That way you could continue to live this perposterous lie like you have been, seeing as you don't have the courage to face the truth". He glared at me, his face all red and accusing. "No, that would be wrong", I said heatidly. "I could never do that to my son and you know it. How could you even suggest such a thing?". He raised an eyebrow and started chuckling to himself. "Angel, you simply amaze me. Why do you always seem to get yourself into so much trouble?". I didn't have an answer for this, and I don't think he was expecting one. "I know what I have to do. I have to tell John the truth".

As I turned to leave Starkweather said, "That boy of yours will go far, I can sense it. He will get the proper training that he needs and he will excel. Do not worry yourself about him, he will be a superhero and a good one at that. Just like his mother". I gave him a half smile, "Thank you", was all I could say as I left his office.

I have made my mind up to tell John the truth as I cannot live this lie any longer. Maybe he will understand, but if not I still have to carry on, for myself and the kids.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This morning I had a bit of a shock. It was a normal morning, get up, get the kids dressed, have breakfast etc. But today has changed things somewhat.

I was in the middle of making coffee when my daughter, Luna, came running into the room. “Mum you have to see what Ares is doing. He’s doing real magic”.

Luna was 15, tall, slim, and going through a ‘difficult’ faze. Ares was 13, fairly stocky and liked ‘boy things’. Oh, and before you question my taste in names, they are perfectly normal where I come from.

Sighing with disbelief I walked to the living room, and there was Ares levitating Halo. I looked on is disbelief, was this some trick, a joke perhaps. THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING. “O.K, where are the strings” I said running to Halo and having a good look. No strings. “What’s going on Halo” I whispered. He gave me a sympathetic look and simply said “Hereditary”. I turned to Ares and looked at his bright red face, which was filled with excitement. “Mum, I can do real magic”. I sighed, realizing the truth. How could I have been so naive not to think that I would pass on some of the powers I had to my children. I had messed up big time.

“I’m going to show dad” Ares said excitedly running from the room. “Ares wait”, I yelled desperate for something to say. But no words came. I was at a loss and I had never felt more alone and afraid in my whole life. We looked at each other for what felt like a lifetime, and then I broke the silence. “Please Ares don’t tell dad just yet, we need to talk first. “Oh mum, do we have to? “Yes. I should have said this to you years ago”. Luna looked on with complete bewilderment on her face. I had never known her to be so quite.”Look Ares, what you did isn’t magic, it’s something you have been born with”. He looked at me with a puzzled expression, but said nothing. “I should have told you, but I was afraid to. I didn’t know how you’d react. But now I have no choice, and I’d rather you found out from me than any other way” Silence. The only sound I could hear was the beating of my heart. “You see, I have powers too, and you have got them from me. There is no easy way to explain, so I’ll just come out with it. I am a superhero”.

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. “Ares”. He looked at me with wide eyes, but there was no expression there. I waited, and then the silence was broken by Luna who burst into a fit of laughter. “Oh, mum”, she giggled, “That’s a good one. A superhero, right, and I’m Supergirl. Next you’ll be saying dad is Spiderman”. I sighed and brought my hands to my face. “It’s true Luna, and I can prove it to you”.

I tuned and looked at Halo. “You know what to do. Tell them the truth”.

“What, Halo can talk”, said Ares chuckling.

“Yes I can”, Halo said matter of factly.

“Muuuummm” Luna and Ares stared at Halo, not believing what their ears had told them. “Did he just talk?”.

“Ask me. I can hear you, you know. And yes, I can talk”. The colour drained from Ares and Luna’s faces, and with an almighty thump, the kids fainted and hit the floor.

When they came around I spent hours telling them about me and my double life. At first they didn’t want to believe it. But I showed them the things I could do, and they couldn’t disbelieve a talking dog. All the evidence was there. It’s amazing what kids are willing to accept. Adults are not so understanding, hence my reluctance to tell their father. Finally Ares said “So dad doesn’t know about you?”. “No, I have been too afraid to tell him. Although now, I am going to have to”. “No”, said Luna, “What if he doesn’t understand. What if he hates you for lying to him?”. She looked at Ares and they gave each other a knowing glance. Ares spoke first. “We won’t tell him. Not until you are ready anyway”. “Are you sure about this. It’s a hard lie to keep”. “We promise”, they said in unison.

So we have made a pact not to tell John until I am ready. And as for Ares, well he will have to go to Headquarters for training, so he can understand his powers, whatever they may be. Luna seemed sad that she didn’t seem to possess any superhero powers, but I told her she possibly does, she just hasn’t had the chance to use them yet.

Who knows what time may bring, but now my awful lie has got bigger and my children are having to lie too. What will John say when he finds out, and how can I tell him?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Jabwoks are stupid. So tell me something I don't know.

The evening started the same as any other, and before I could go and save all of mankind, I had to put my family 'on hold'.

Let me explain. For my last birthday Halo, my trusty pooch, gave me the gift of time. It looks like a normal clock, but in fact it stops time. So, before I leave my family behind, all I have to do is push a button on the clock and it stops time within my home. A very handy device I think you will agree.

Anyway, I digress .....

We arrived at the warehouse a little after midnight (Halo loves to accompany me). All was still, but I could smell the Jabwok's putrid stench hanging in the air. We sauntered up to the warehouse and I took a look through one of the windows. Inside I saw 5 of the biggest, meanest looking Jabwoks that I had ever seen. They were all clustered around a makeshift table (2 large crates pushed together) and they were laughing heartily amongst themselves.

A Jabwoks laugh is a kind of gurgly noise, like they have water in the back of their throats. Truly disgusting and stomach churning, just like the smell really. I should also say that Jabwoks are a greenish brown colour in appearance, with rough skin and spiky backs. They have hugh jowly mouths and lots of razor sharp teeth. They have one hideous eye in the center of their foreheads and a stupid little tuft of hair upon their otherwise balding heads. They also have big flappy ears and big cumbersome feet and hands. An eye sore I tell you.

I decided that taking all 5 of them on by myself would be foolish, so I whipped out my cell phone and dialed the 'superhero hotline' to see if their was any of my friends around to help. Penny, the hotline operator, answered the phone with the usual "Superhero hotline, how can I be of assistance". "This is Angel. I have 5 Jabwoks in a warehouse down town, and need assistance fast". "No problem", said the sugary voice, "I shall just check the system". There was no 'system', but there was a bar and games room that the local superheros frequent when not on urgent business. Shortly she came back to me, "Frost is on his way".

Frost was, as the name states, very good at freezing people and making things decididly chillier. He was also very useful at christmas time if you wanted it to snow, and he could make the most wonderful ice sculptures. Need an ice cube in your Martini, Frosts your man.

He arrived, looking a little drunk I must say. "Hi Ange", he said with a brimming smile, "How's John and the kids?" "Oh, you know ....." He gave me a knowing smile. "Keeping a double life is hard, huh?". I nodded. Now was not the time to be discussing my family problems. He took the hint.

"So, what's the plan?", he said looking towards the warehouse. "Take a look", I replied. I motioned towards the window and Frost peered inside. After careful consideration he said "Let's freeze the bastards". Of course, what else do you think he would say. So that is what we did. We both charged into the warehouse and within moments we had 5 frozen Jabwoks. Easy, I love nights like this.

We discovered that their terrifying plan to kill the human race was a stupid as they were, and probably would have failed. It consisted of starting a chain of burger bars (called Jabwoks Superfast Burger Bar, sigh) and selling the Jabwok specialty - Jab Scab Burgers. They would peel of flakes of their own skin, which was extremely poisionous to humans, and mix them into every burger (which also contained stink slugs, pussing weavils and too many additives to mention) , thus killing us off. Told you, STUPID.

And the fate of the putrid scum. Well they were taken to headquarters for innihilation of course. You cannot reason with a Jabwok because they are stupid and totally violent by nature. They like nothing more than to eat a spit roasted human, while downing sputum ale and singing "Humans are tasty, humans are good to eat. Humans are tasty, what a lovely treat". They are not very imaginative either.

I arrived home shortly after 2 in the morning. I changed my clothes, gave the kids a kiss, slipped into bed and pressed the hold button on the clock. As I lay there looking at my sleeping husband I wondered what lay in store for me tomorrow, and how much more of this lying I could take.

Be safe, luv Angel xxx
Firstly, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Angel, and I am an authentic Superhero.

This blog is a journal of my life, and it's meant to keep me from going insane. You see, I cannot tell the ones I love who I really am, it would put their lives in too much danger. There are a few who know the 'real' me, but they live the same life as I do. You shall meet these people in my stories in the future.

I decided to try and live a normal life as best I could. I got married and had 2 beautiful children, but I never really thought that lying to them would be so hard. Maybe one day they shall know, but for now, I shall live two seperate lives.

It's not all doom and gloom. I love my job as a Superhero, it gives my life some purpose. And it's a nice feeling to help people, even if half the time they don't realise it.

I also have a dog called 'Halo' (Angel and Halo ... I know!). He is my protector and guide. Oh, and he can also talk to me, which is very useful.

Anyway, must sign off now. Halo tells me I am needed in a warehouse someplace dark and mysterious. Apparently there is a group of Jabwoks there devising a plan to destroy the human race (it really is getting old).

I shall tell you all about it in my next post .......

Stay safe, luv Angel xx